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Cert-N is addressing a challenge that all services and solution resellers have by digitizing their technology partner programs and creating the ability to track employee's certifications. Their platform will digitize this process and integrate into how we manage our employees and partner programs allowing us to manage risk and optimize our partner rewards. This will allow Logicalis to better manage our technology partners and partner programs while spending less administrative time tracking down these details.

Edward Konopasek


Our Story
Stressed Man

Stressed with compliance & lost revenue?

We get it! As SVP of Solutions and Services, Mike's company was earning millions annually through Partner Incentive Programs from the technology providers his firm was reselling.


The problem, each program was tied to employee certifications and they were constantly finding themselves out of compliance with changing requirements or when employees left with no time to react. Tracking the requirements and the associated certification holders was a manual job that became more complicated with the reselling of multiple technologies. They even dedicated 3 employees to Cisco just to stay ahead of compliance.


Then, at a conference a Technology Provider notified Mike that his company could have made an extra 5 points of rebate if they would of achieved the next level of certifications. But they weren't in compliance. Now it was too late and the thousands of dollars in incentives were lost.  

This was the last straw! Mike knew there had to be a way to create a digital platform to manage and maintain these Partner Incentive Programs and their employees associated certifications. Mike decided to venture on his own and build a team to create a solution that would manage certifications, ensure compliance and allow channel partners to maximize incentive programs.


Cert-N was born and the stress of Incentive Programs is gone! Cert-N is keeping channel partners in compliance and helping them maximize Partner Incentive Programs.

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